Mature Dating – Is She Only After Your Money?

Are most women after money? Generally speaking, most women are not after men’s money, except for those women that are materialistic. How do you know if she is after your money and should you end the relationship if she is? How do financial issues affect the mature dating relationships?

You know your woman is only after your money if she always expects you to pick up the tab; which ordinarily would not be too bad, but if she wants you to pay for everything she buys and every time you are out, she begs you to buy things for her. She is especially after your money, if she is asking you to buy things for her, even when she knows you are not rolling in the dough. If you are rolling in the dough and she’s after you that could be a dead give away right there that she’s after your money.

In a mature dating relationship, financial matters should not be an issue that causes tension or hardship to either of you. In a mature dating relationship, the man usually pays for the dates in the beginning of the relationship and when the relationship moves forward, the woman sometimes begins to pay for some of the dates. However, until you are in a long-term committed dating relationship or engagement or marriage, you are not expected to pay for each other’s every materialistic desire.

If you find that your dating partner or girlfriend seems to be only after your money and not interested in pursuing a true mature dating relationship with you, then you need to seriously consider ending the relationship. If she is materialistic and is just using you for your money, then you will never have a mature dating relationship; unless, of course, she decides to change her ways and wants to be with you for who you are.

If you really like your girlfriend and want to try to keep the relationship going, you need to seriously consider the consequences of such a choice. Are you ready for the hard work that will be involved? You may even be wasting your time and efforts in trying to make this relationship work because if she does not want to change, then you will never be in a mature dating relationship.

You both need to work together in order to have a mature dating relationship and if you are not on the same page, then it won’t work. Anything is possible and it could work out between you two, but you have to weigh the possibilities and seriously take a look to see if this is something that is worth pursuing.

If you decide to end the relationship and are seeking to find a mature dating relationship with a perfect match, then think about the possibilities of working with a professional matchmaker who can help you in your search to find a love. You will have a professional on your side and you can increase your chances at success.

Getting Good Dating Relationship Advice

Seeking good dating relationship advice should be of paramount importance if you are one of those people that feels absolutely clueless on the dating scene. Many of us feel that we don’t need the advice of our peers, but the truth is that input of any kind is generally helpful. Good dating relationship advice can get us on our feet and make us, possibly, more attractive to those we want to a future partner.

The area of relationship advice is often an overlooked area because many people feel that their relationships are so complicated that any advice given to them cannot possibly be suitable. The reality is, however, that many of the conflicts in dating relationships are similar to those in other relationships.

People tend to argue or fight about similar things and tend to create patterns. For example, many people argue about financial matters. A good case for relationship advice would counter those difficulties with conflict resolution involving fights with money.

As people enter into marriage relationships with a good background of dating relationship advice, the odds of success during inevitable marriage trials improve drastically. This is because, through their dating history, they were able to find better ways to resolve conflicts.

The possibility of using a marriage counselor, therefore, tends to diminish with the greater self-sufficiency of the couple. A marriage counselor, while helpful to people that need it, can be a costly option for people in a marriage.

Getting marriage help, for many, is the ultimate standard of helplessness. Many people equate marriage help to a last ditch effort and feel that it says that the marriage is in some sort of trouble. Getting dating relationship advice can be comparable, especially among the land of the proud.

The reality is, however, that seeking the advice of people that have “been there before” can be enlightening and can awaken fresh perspectives within relationships. Getting a new point of view out of marriage help or dating advice in any form can be a positive step to improving your relationships.

Although dating relationship advice can be helpful on many levels, it is important to remember that it is not for everyone. In our society, there are many people that tend to prefer to “go it alone” and try to solve their own problems without discussing them with family or friends.

This approach does not necessarily doom a couple to failure, but it does remove the possible elements of support that can help a relationship grow. Regardless, dating relationship advice is not for everyone but it certainly is helpful.

Fun Ways to Keep Your Dating Relationship Interesting

If you are in the midst of a happy and healthy dating relationship, you may not be looking for serious advice or life-changing words of wisdom. However, everyone can use a few reminders about fun and carefree ways to keep the relationship interesting and exciting. Here are a few quick ideas to keep both you and your partner smiling.

Make little bets. Find small things to bet on like how long it will take your food to arrive at dinner. The winner gets to pick what you have for desert.

Read a book together. Find a novel that covers a topic you’re both interested in. Set up a schedule for how often you will each read and discuss your thoughts at the end of each chapter. It’s a great way to get conversation going and get a deeper look into each other’s minds. Who says a dating relationship can’t also be a book club?

Each keep a list of things you want to do together. In your wallet, bag, or back pocket, keep an ongoing list of fun date ideas or places to visit. Maybe there is a movie you have always wanted to rent and watch together. Perhaps you know a great little Italian place you should go to. When you’ve both got a list, you’ll never find yourself sitting around not knowing what to do. Boredom can be the death of even the best dating relationships, so stay prepared!

Start a little business together. Don’t worry about tax statuses or employee requisitions; just start a fun little business selling things you both enjoy to your friends. Like salsa? Make your own and sell it or give it out as gifts. You can try the same thing with barbecue sauce, hot chocolate mix, picture frames, or a million other fun items. Brainstorming about products and creating them together will give you lots of valuable time to connect and share.

Start a date map. Keep a map of your city, state, or country (or all three) hanging up and start putting a push pin everywhere you have been on a date. This can be an excellent way to remember all the good times you have shared together. Plus, it will help you think of new places to go. Pretty soon, you’ll be driving in random directions just so you have a new place to stick a pin. Who knows? Your dating relationship could even turn international very soon (better get a globe).

These are just a few simple tips to help you keep your dating relationship interesting, exciting, and passionate. Don’t fall victim to same old dinner and a movie, liven things up and get ready to have fun together.