Fun Ways to Keep Your Dating Relationship Interesting

If you are in the midst of a happy and healthy dating relationship, you may not be looking for serious advice or life-changing words of wisdom. However, everyone can use a few reminders about fun and carefree ways to keep the relationship interesting and exciting. Here are a few quick ideas to keep both you and your partner smiling.

Make little bets. Find small things to bet on like how long it will take your food to arrive at dinner. The winner gets to pick what you have for desert.

Read a book together. Find a novel that covers a topic you’re both interested in. Set up a schedule for how often you will each read and discuss your thoughts at the end of each chapter. It’s a great way to get conversation going and get a deeper look into each other’s minds. Who says a dating relationship can’t also be a book club?

Each keep a list of things you want to do together. In your wallet, bag, or back pocket, keep an ongoing list of fun date ideas or places to visit. Maybe there is a movie you have always wanted to rent and watch together. Perhaps you know a great little Italian place you should go to. When you’ve both got a list, you’ll never find yourself sitting around not knowing what to do. Boredom can be the death of even the best dating relationships, so stay prepared!

Start a little business together. Don’t worry about tax statuses or employee requisitions; just start a fun little business selling things you both enjoy to your friends. Like salsa? Make your own and sell it or give it out as gifts. You can try the same thing with barbecue sauce, hot chocolate mix, picture frames, or a million other fun items. Brainstorming about products and creating them together will give you lots of valuable time to connect and share.

Start a date map. Keep a map of your city, state, or country (or all three) hanging up and start putting a push pin everywhere you have been on a date. This can be an excellent way to remember all the good times you have shared together. Plus, it will help you think of new places to go. Pretty soon, you’ll be driving in random directions just so you have a new place to stick a pin. Who knows? Your dating relationship could even turn international very soon (better get a globe).

These are just a few simple tips to help you keep your dating relationship interesting, exciting, and passionate. Don’t fall victim to same old dinner and a movie, liven things up and get ready to have fun together.

Spring Cleaning Your Relationship Closet

Spring is here and as we prepare to do our annual spring-cleaning of our house, we should be sure and clean out our relationship closet as well. There are many things we do in the past that shape who we are today. It is important to look back every so often through the old photo albums, letters and other mementos. This is a great opportunity to reflect on what brought you to your current dating status.

Looking back on past relationships is a good way to make sure you are mentally prepared for a new relationship. If you can look at old pictures and say “What was I thinking” or “Thank goodness he ran off with that woman” then you are probably ready to move on with your life. On the other hand, if your thoughts lean to wanting to draw a little black mustache and devil horns, then you probably need a little more time (and possibly a good therapist). Reminiscing is healthy, longing and visions of revenge are not.

There seems to be some disagreement on whether one should carry dating baggage. Some people prefer to take all of their relationship baggage and put it into one small carry on bag that they take from relationship-to-relationship. Others like to date someone who has no baggage, as they prefer not be the one who has to carry the bag.

A certain amount of emotional baggage should be carried with you. This reminds us of the things in past relationships that did not work and what we can do improve them for the next relationship. We should all arrive at a stage in our life where we don’t need a skycap to carry our bags. Ideally, we would all be secure enough with ourselves that we would just carry what we need.

Dating partners should be encouraged to share their emotional baggage at some point in the relationship. It does not have to be within the first week of dating, and it does not need to be unpacked at once. Take your time and pull out things as they become useful to the new relationship.

There are people who prefer not to know about their partners’ past relationships. Sharing every detail is not important (or recommended) but there are things that should be shared, like: How did you end things; was she clingy?; does he still want you?; is he still living at your house?

Revealing the past to your current dating partner is tricky. You certainly don’t want to cause them unnecessary paranoia or heap any additional insecurity on a new relationship by sharing every detail of a past relationship. Disclosing important details about your sexual past is important. Sharing details about your sexual conquests is not.

The way someone behaved in a past relationship is a good indicator of how they will behave with you. It is important to source out these indicators and pay attention to them as your relationship progresses. If your warning light goes on, don’t ignore it, but immediately pull over and assess the situation. Ask more questions about past relationships and don’t ignore the warning signs.

Knowing if your dating partner is friendly with their ex is a good idea. Being friendly with an ex is a sign of maturity. But by friendly I mean that they have lost the desire to exact revenge and torture, not that they meet weekly for coffee. You want to know that your new dating partner has moved beyond the hurt, pain and anger of the previous relationship and is ready to move forward with you.

Oftentimes we carry around a lot of hurt and anger that we unnecessarily inflict on our new love interest. Remember, the one that gave you your baggage is in your past. If you must carry a bag from relationship to relationship, make sure that it contains only the most vital elements necessary to make your new relationship work (and that it matches your outfit)!

Dating Relationships That Last For Purpose Driven Success

Life holds many rewards for the people that live it. One of the biggest and well-accepted rewards is the reward of companionship. While it is a great reward, it is also a great point of conflict, contention and confusion as many have seen. The ideas and expectations on those involved confuse the participants at times. However, individual hearts seek a strong, purpose-driven dating situation that will last and fulfill the need and desire for love and joy. Purpose-driven dating is actually both possible and accessible for those of us who are willing to take the chance, and who want to find a relationship that lasts.

It is important to lay the foundation first, as a way to both find and maintain a lasting mature relationship with a mate. This helps create a dating relationship that is purpose-driven and thereby intentional, as opposed to a relationship that is the passive byproduct of taking it easy just to see how it goes. Sacrifice is the main ingredient of the success of a purpose-driven relationship. When it is understood that sacrifice for the loved one is the element that adds character to the relationship, the relationship takes form and function.

Dating with a purpose actually wins ones dates heart and respect. The value and merit of the mate and the respect that one earns is increased when there’s purpose to the dating. By following basic principals during dating such as sacrifice, you can allow deeper meaning to develop in a relationship. Sacrifice here means to give up your desires and joys and temporary needs to be there for your partner, to take the time to nurture your partner.

Another principal element in the success of a purpose-driven relationship is honor. You must establish honor within the relationship this allows your mate to trust you and further open up to the dating relationship. Giving of honor in the relationships helps those involved to understand that what you have is not a common or normal dating relationship it is dating with a purpose, dating towards a specific end.

Last but not the least, you need to understand pairing of visions, dreams and desires in life. In order to establish an honest purpose-driven dating relationship and trust is connection, the responsibility and credibility connectivity, accountability and credibility, it is necessary that both people bear similar intentions and visions for life. By doing this, you can allow the relationship to take precedence over either of you. The relationship and its survival and success become a common goal towards which you both work.

When you decide on a common goal, it allows both of you to look at the goal with purpose, as opposed to looking at each others individual needs. It allows you both to look towards each other for strength, inspiration, counsel and hindsight. It helps avoid the negative things that pull down your relationship, such as blame, negativity, distrust and grudges.

If you follow a set of standard principles and agree on mutual goals and visions, you will have a safe way of ensuring a lasting, deep and meaningful purpose-driven relationship with each other.